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Henna/Painted Drums & Tambourines


The history of the drum is rich in healing powers. Core shamanism shows us that everything has a spirit, even non living, manmade objects. Having sacred art done on a drum amplifies its spirit. 

Allow a drum to call out to you or call out for a drum yourself. 

The creation of a drum by Jennifer is a sacred process. She tunes in with the energy involved from the drum and the person it will be united with. As she is tuning in she sages, allows Reiki to flow, pulls cards, and whatever else she is feeling guided to do to receive the messages needed to incorporate into the drum. 

Next, Jennifer lays out a pattern with henna on the drum. She mixes her henna from scratch and so it is already infused with great energy and intentions. Synthetic drums will not absorb the henna stain so it will act as a natural resist (hide drums will stain like our skin does from henna). After the henna dries she brings color to the drum with special application techniques with acrylic paint and watercolors. The drum starts to reveal itself as the henna is then lifted off. Life is brought to the drum as finishing touches are done to the drum. 

Each drum has its own meanings, messages, and energy. 

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