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Jennifer Rabenstein is a spiritual healer who blends in artistic ways of promoting self growth and healing. She offers a variety of healing modalities for private sessions, group gatherings, and sacred celebrations and rituals. Jennifer loves the art of holding space for everyone's you-nique spiritual healing  journey. 


Jennifer utilizes an abundance of practices and experiences she has personally used in her own journey including Reiki Master-Teacher, certified reflexologist, yoga teacher, color art therapy, life purpose/passion coaching, sound healing, crystal healing, animal Reiki/communication, henna art, chakra balancing, Priestess training, Shamanic healing, and more. Recognizing that individuals have unique needs in their journeys, Jennifer has many tools and a variety  of experiences to connect with each being who is meant to work with her. 


Jennifer has a different perspective of the world than many others. Being visually impaired with Stargardts, she always remembers that even as she loses her eyesight she isn’t losing her vision. Her mind fills in the areas she cannot see. Similarly, she allows her heart to fill in areas of the unknown around her to envision the potential in the world. Creating a life you love is the very essence of living and Jennifer is a guide of inspiration to create a life you love. 


Jennifer and her husband homeschool their two sets of twins in what they have called, “Elements of Life Academy.” As a family they have fun, imagine, create, study and practice the “one heart way” through Isshinryu karate, learn life lessons, address their individual needs, build confidence and awareness, embark on family adventures, explore nature, and always remind each other that everyone has a story.


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Milestones in Jennifer's Journey




Contributing Author to Radiating Our Reiki Light

(Click image to order a copy through Amazon)

Rickie Freedman - 2023



Sacred Deathcare

Centre for Sacred Deathcare - (2023)

Ayurvedic Nutrition Certification 

My VInyasa Practice - (2023)

International Certification for Natural Henna Arts

 August 12th, 2022

Shamanic Art & Tools for Healing & Spiritual Development

Transformational Academy (In Progress)


Chakra Healing Practitioner

-Academy of Ancient Magik (In Progress)

Tai Chi for Energy Teacher Certification

-Tai Chi for Health Institute 2021

Kundalini Yoga Training 

- Nesoteric - 2022

Modern Day Priestess Training 

- Institute of Modern Wisdom 2021

Shamanic Healing Series Online Certificate

- Foundation for Shamanic Studies- March 2022

Circle Leadership Training

-The Wild Woman Project 2020

Art/Yoga Teacher

-Outschool - 2020-2022


Yoga Teacher Training 

-Red Head Yoga - 2019

Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher

- Lisa Powers - 2019

Body Love Diploma

- Centre of Excellence - 2019

Therapeutic Art for Healing, Happiness and Stress Reduction

- Udemy - 2018

Crystal Healing Diploma Course

- Centre of Excellence - 2018      


Accredited Professional Colour Therapy

- Udemy - 2018

Reiki Master/Teacher 

- Reiki by Rickie - 2017

Certified Reflexologist

- Valley School of Healing Arts - 2017

ReikiSound Practitioner

- Lana Ryder, ReikiSound TM - 2017

Certified Spiritual Healer - KERA

- November 2017


- Universal Life Church - 2017

Animal Reiki

- Animal Reiki Alliance -2016

Animal Communication

- Animal Reiki Alliance - 2016


Head of Small Animals, Dog Trainer, Groomer 1997-2012

Catoctin Wildlife Preserve & Zoo

Zookeeper, Head of Mammals - 2006-2011

Millersville University

- BS in Biology & Ecology, minor in Psyc - 2006

Grooming Certification

- All About Dog Grooming, FL - 2005

Cumberland Valley High School - 2000


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