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As a RYT200 (registered yoga teacher with 200 hours training), Jennifer focuses on making yoga accessible for all. This means that if anyone wants to incorporate yoga they can, no matter what their body type is, experience, location, or any other obstacle they may face. As a vision impaired individual, Jennifer learns to practice and guide others in yoga through verbal cues and having people build up their awareness of their bodies. To Jennifer, yoga is not about what it looks like, and is all about what it feels like.She has even regularly led virtual chair yoga for the blind through verbal cues and guidance. 


Styles that Jennifer enjoys practings and teaching include accessibility (using chairs, props, wall, ground), gentle flows, and restorative (using props to hold the body in poses). Jennifer has also trained in Tai Chi and enjoys blending it into special yoga classes. Any time she leads yoga she puts out invitations for others to follow along, and ultimately encourages them to listen to their own needs to do what they feel is flowing for them. 


Spiritual healing can absolutely occur during yoga sessions. Guided reflections, focus on breathing (receiving and releasing), and getting energy moving with intentions can all contribute to improved well being on all levels. Experiences can vary depending on what a person's intentions are. 

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Yoga Art

Yoga Art was created to take you on a journey filled with mindful moments. Yoga and art both have their own benefits, and when blended together they create a wonderful experience. Allow art to motivate yoga, and yoga to inspire art!

This book contains over 40 different poses!

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Practice Yoga with Jennifer

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Blind Yoga - Jennifer Rabenstein

Chair Yoga for the Blind/Vision Impaired - Zoom. Reach out for more information.
Join this donation based online zoom chair yoga. We enjoy the time talking with one another before winding down and recharging with some chair yoga adaptable for anyone!

You can also request one on one sessions or private gatherings!

Follow Jennifer through Dillsburg Yoga and H2L Studios!

Look out for special yoga experiences with Jennifer on the events page.

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