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Shamanic Healing


Shamanism is a deeply powerful healing modality that invites one into journeys/meditative states for inner knowledge, reflection, and work for healing. 


Through the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, Jennifer fulfilled the experience of completing the Shamanic Healing Series. Through this she has practiced journeys to facilitate healing for others in various ways. Depending on what one is ready to confront and the guide's advice, one could experience healing through powering up, power animal retrieval, soul retrieval, extraction, psychopomp, and more. 


Clients lay fully clothed nested in on a massage or gravity chair. Sessions will involve Jennifer rattling/drumming, and vocalizing while journeying for guidance and doing the healing work. There may be moments of direction, talking through possible courses of action, and sharing of messages. 


Experiences can greatly vary to meditative states, active insight gains, energy movement, releases, relaxation, and more. 


Distance sessions can also be arranged.

Energy Exchange


Spiritual Healing Sessions:

Can blend Reiki, Reflexology, Sound, Shamanic, and/or Yoga for sessions. 

Add Henna for $10.

30 min - $50

60 min - $80

Ready to go deep?

Shamanic Echo in the Cave 

Follow Erica Jo Shaffer of Wildly Crafted Women... deep, deep, deep...into the cave and yourself. 

These special events are held seasonally at Indian Echo Caverns. 

Erica Jo invites Jennifer (Priestess Sisters) to do sound work and support others energetically during the shifts of shamanic pranayama. 

Check the Events page to look for upcoming events. 

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