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Reflexology is a healing modality done on the feet (or hands) where handling techniques and pressure points worked on the feet have layered benefits to the feet themselves, to corresponding parts in the body, and general relaxation.


As a certified reflexologist through The Valley School of Healing Arts, Jennifer finds much healing can happen through the feet. Different parts of the feet/hand correspond to different body parts and reflexology stimulates circulation, breaks up toxins, helps reduce symptoms in feet and also in corresponding body parts.


Clients can either lay on the heated massage table or relax in a gravity chair with socks off and pants slightly rolled up for their session. Experiences can vary from feeling different sensations throughout their body, relaxation of the feet, tender spots nurtured, a state of relaxation leading one to go into a light snooze, and often a feeling of “walking on a cloud” after. 


Ion foot soaks can be a relaxing way to add to your detoxing. Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking along the beach where the water wisps at your feet and absorbs into the sand...that recharging feeling you get is what an ion foot soak does! The water will change color naturally just from the reaction of the ionizer and minerals in the water, however other things show up in the water released by you. The ion foot soak lasts 30 minutes, and the hands can be worked on during that time! Ion soaks are a great way to relax and loosen things in the feet prior to reflexology! 


Couples Reflexology and Ion soak Sessions! Make a wonderful relaxing time with a friend, family member, or partner by sharing a reflexology and ion soak session. The cozy space set up for two will allow one to soak their feet while reflexology is done on the other's feet, after 30 min the roles will switch.


Energy Exchange


Spiritual Healing Sessions:

Can blend Reiki, Reflexology, Sound, Shamanic, and/or Yoga for sessions. 

Add Henna for $10.

30 min - $50

60 min - $80 

*Prices may change or slightly vary depending on location.

Ion Detox Foot Soaks:

30 min session -30 min soak (reflex to hands) - $60

60 min session - 30 min soak w/reflex to hands + 30 min foot reflex - $90

90 min session - 30 min soak w/reflex to hands + 60 min foot reflex - $130

*Prices may change or slightly vary depending on location.

Special Offering Sessions:

Couples Reflexology/Ion Soaks at Spiritual HeArts LLC: One receives reflexology while the other relaxes with ion foot soak, then switch!

60 min - $110

R&R at Carlisle Bowen Works: Enjoy reflexology by Jennifer as another practitioner does Reiki!

Appointments currently offered on Mondays. 

30 min - $90

60 min - $180

R&R at ReWeaving Balance: Enjoy reflexology with Beth as Jennifer does sound healing and Reiki. 

Appointments currently offered on the first Sunday of the month!

60 min - $160

Reflexology Workshop/Experiences

Reflexology can be a great tool to put in your self care tool box. Its a wonderful opportunity to learn how to nurture yourself or a loved one. 

Watch out on the  events page for any Reflexology Workshops or reach out to set up your own private one for a group of friends!

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