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Reiki is a gentle hands on healing modality that guides one into a state of relaxation where one can release stress and promote a better well being physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 


As a Reiki Master-Teacher attuned by Rickie Freedman, Jennifer allows Reiki to flow intuitively. This can lead to a healing session of gentle Reiki, or incorporating Reiki through sound such as singing bowls, and even magnifying the Reiki through the use of crystals. 


Clients lay fully clothed on a comfortable (and heated when needed) massage table. Experiences can vary from active feelings of warmth, tingling, and other “activity” to such a deep state of relaxation where dozing off may even occur. 


Distance sessions can also be arranged. 

Sessions for animals also available, click here for more info!

Energy Exchange


Spiritual Healing Sessions:

Can blend Reiki, Reflexology, Sound, Shamanic, and/or Yoga for sessions. 

Add Henna for $10.

30 min - $50

60 min - $80

Special Offering Sessions:

R&R at Carlisle Bowen Works: Enjoy reflexology by Jennifer as another practitioner does Reiki!

Appointments currently offered on Mondays. 

30 min - $80

60 min - $160

R&R at ReWeaving Balance: Enjoy reflexology with Beth as Jennifer does sound healing and Reiki. 

Appointments currently offered on the first Sunday of the month!

60 min - $160

Reiki Classes

If Reiki is calling to you, you may be looking at how to take the next steps. Reiki classes can be held open to the public, arranged for private groups, or done one-on-one for the experience that is YOU-nique as your needs. 

For info on Reiki classes Click Here

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