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Animal Reiki

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Jennifer has a long connection with animals going back into her childhood. Her experience with her own variety of animal companions, days working on dairy farms and pet sitting, leading dog training classes, working animal care in pet stores, obtaining her BS in Biology with focus in animals and animal behavior, being the lead of mammals at Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo for 5 years (tending to the needs of primates, large cats, exotic mammals, hoovestock, avians, and more), over 15 years of dog grooming, to her current way of living sharing her home with over ten different species of animal companions, has all greatly enriched her life as well as open her eyes to these spiritual beings. Feeling this connection with them she also pursued Animal Reiki and Communication through the Animal Reiki Alliance. 


Animals tend to develop different reasons for healing whether it stemmed from a traumatic event, an illness, or picking up on feelings from their human companions. Fortunately, animals receive Reiki very naturally and quite efficiently! Where a human may enjoy laying for a 30 min session, a dog may get “its fill” within 10 mins and move on. 


Reiki sessions for animals can be done at a distance (using a photo for focus) or in person. In person sessions may be hands on or out of reach but in view. Discussion can be had as to what is best for the animal and the situation. Often during a Reiki session some communications come through which can also be shared.



Energy Exchange


30 min Session - at Spiritual HeArts or Distantly - includes 10-15 min Reiki - $50

45 min Session - at Spiritual HeArts or Distantly - includes 20-25 min Reiki - $70

Session on location - Same rates plus travel. 


Check out the Events page to see if any Animal Reiki & Communication classes are on the calendar. 

You can also request a class to be set up or for a private class.


More info on all Reiki classes can be found Here.

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