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Sacred Healing Henna

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Jennifer has been mesmerized by the healing abilities of henna. She mixes all the henna she uses herself, connects with the individual receiving, allows the energy to intuitively guide an artistic expression that is filled with meanings and messages that she can give some insight, and more importantly can be reflected on by the receiver for days or weeks.


There is a lot behind henna from its history, religious uses, medicinal uses, adornment uses, science, mixing, and more, all of which Jennifer has been studying through different outlets and is certified through the International Certification for Natural Henna Arts. 

All of the henna Jennifer uses she mixes herself. Ingredients she uses are: Organic raj henna powder, water (rose or moon), lemon juice, sugar, and essential oils (lavender, cajaput, and/or eucalyptus). 


Spiritual healing henna sessions can be done for some casual relaxation, for a fun “pick me up,” for setting intentions for upcoming events, or for deeper reflections. Some time will be saved at the end of the session for drying. During a session it is common to feel tingling (that good goosebumps kind of way), cooling (to the area applied), and relaxing feelings.

Sacred Henna Private Sessions:

This session is a sacred experience where you settle in on a massage table,

receive the intuitive henna, then receive a blend of other healing modalities

such as Reiki, reflexology, sound healing, crystals, and more! This gives

the henna time to dry and be attuned to the energy in it. 

1 hour session: $90

Watch out for "Sacred Henna Pop Ups" at events or select hours.

Small-med henna designs are offered at various events taking less than 10 min.



Aftercare considerations: 

Though a henna may be dry, some considerations need to be thought about in regards to where the henna is done and what might interfere with it setting in place (you don’t want to put shoes or a coat on over fresh henna). 

It is also advised to keep warm and allow the henna to stay on as long as it is still clinging to the skin (which means there are still wet parts in contact with the skin allowing the dye molecules to be absorbed). You can “seal” a henna design by dabbing or spraying lemon juice/sugar, rosewater/sugar, or wrapping with saran wrap or medical tape (if it's not at risk of smearing). 


It is recommended to avoid water in that area for the next 12 hours. If water cannot be avoided during that time then massage oil into the skin prior to contact with water (this can also be done for the duration of the henna design to preserve the stain longer - aka slowing down the exfoliation).


Henna stains can vary in darkness (depending on placement, temperature, and physical factors) and can last anywhere from 1-3 weeks (depending on skin, placement, and exposure to chemicals/exfoliation). 


Safety Considerations:

Due to safety, this is only offered to those 6 years and older (who do not have a G6PD deficiency).


Feel you have had a reaction to henna before? There is a good chance an additive was used in the henna (PPD) that causes reactions often resulting in irritations, swelling, burns, and/or infections). This is usually what is found in henna used at the boardwalk, parks, and purchased in stores or labeled as “black” henna. Henna with these harmful additives are meant to stain quicker (within 30 min) and darker (almost black). Natural henna will always smell earthy and of the essential oils used, original stain show as an orangish color, and darkening over the next 24-48 hours to a brown/rust/burgundy. 

Reach out if you'd like to bring henna to a party or private gathering!

Or...really explore and experience henna through the

Sacred Henna Experience!





Check the Events page for upcoming events or reach out with interest to get one on the calendar!

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