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Spiritual Healing Services

Spiritual healing can mean something different to each person. It can also mean something different to a person over time. Ultimately, each person's path of spiritual healing will be as unique as their beliefs, desires, passions, experiences, mindset, lifestyle, and physical being.


What's important to know is that when one seeks out a spiritual healer, the “healer” is not the one doing the healing work. A spiritual healer is one who holds space for healing work to be done. The healing work comes from within YOU.


As each person's spiritual healing journey is different, it is no surprise that sessions can be just as YOU-nique. Jennifer has accumulated many different healing modalities through her own experiences and is grateful to be able to share them with others. One may feel called to certain modalities, one may like a blending of modalities, or going with an open mindset to what modalities present during their spiritual journey. 


Energy Exchange for spiritual healing services are set so different modalities can be selected or blended.

Explore the different offerings and click to dive deeper into the descriptions.

Reiki is a gentle hands on healing modality that guides one into a state of relaxation where one can release stress and promote a better well being physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Sound is not only heard by the ears, it can be felt through the entire body. These vibrations have the ability to turn matter and energy into form.

Henna is a sacred adornment that can instill blessings, healing, and other intentions. Henna stains can last anywhere from 1-3 weeks.

Yoga can be great practice for one to practice for their own personal needs from meditation, breathing, and asanas (poses), all that can lead to inner balance, relaxation, clarity, mobility, and more!

Reflexology is a healing modality done on the feet (or hands) where handling techniques and pressure points worked on the feet have layered benefits to the feet themselves, to corresponding parts in the body, and general relaxation.

Shamanism is a deeply powerful healing modality that invites one into journeys/meditative states for inner knowledge, reflection, and work for healing.

Spiritual healing sessions can also be done for our beloved animal companions in the form of Reiki, communication, and/or Shamanic healing.

Spiritual healing work can occur in ways of celebration, ceremonial, ritualistic, clearing spaces, and for other guided reasons.

What Our Clients Say

"Jen has quite the spiritual touch! As she works to restore your sense of peace, love and well being you will begin to let go of negative energy and things that limit your inner needs. You will leave your session with a rejuvenated and positive outlook! We are all put on this earth for a  reason; Jen's is to spread her gift of compassion, love and kindness to others through her healing hands."

- K. Rossey

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