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Sacred Practices


Sacred Practices

Jennifer underwent Modern Day Priestess Training through the Institute of Modern Wisdom. As she continues to walk the path of the Priestess she has teamed up with another Priestess, Erica Jo Shaffer, to facilitate a 10 month offering of retreats and virtual meetings for women to walk alongside them in their Wildly Crafted Women experience. 


In her more recent years her journey has also trailed through Circle Leadership training through The Wild Woman Project, Life Purpose Coaching, Spiritual Healing, and other areas to balance and fill in her own needs and to share with others. 


As an ordained spiritual healer, Jennifer has a goal to grow and to start offering hand fasting ceremonies and other sacred events. She is also undergoing studies in death doula to expand the ways she can be there for others. She is open to creating sacred moments for any occasion (from a break up, new job, birth, transition…).


As Jennifer feels into the passions and watches to see what shape they will take, it could emerge with clarity by a calling of a request from YOU! Reach out if you feel she could take this next step in her journey holding a sacred moment for you.



To dive deeper into your personal spiritual journey, your invited to explore:

Wildly Crafted Wome

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